Alan Strassler – President

BSBA in Business Administration from The University of Denver

Post Bac degree in Biology from Oregon State University

Masters degree in Biology from The University of North Dakota.

Alan was involved in wildlife research through out the western United States, from 1984 – 1996.  He has been running the Berkshire Fishing Club since its inception in 1999.  He has a unique opportunity to use his business degree and apply his wildlife research background to ensure a quality fishery for years to come at Palmer Brook Lake.




Eric McDonald – Director of operations/Head Instructor/guide

Eric Started working at the Berkshire Fishing club the first year it was open in 1999 at the age of 17.   He has been involved in every aspect of the daily operations of the club and is now the Director of Operations.   Eric has been fishing most of his life from fly fishing on the Farmington River to honing his bass fishing skills on lakes all across New England.   He is a guide and instructor and has extensive knowledge of the fisheries at Palmer Brook Lake.

Bass Tournament Statistic: 

Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League

Number of events fished: 17 since 2005

Number of Top-10 tournament finishes: 2

Largest bass weighed to win Big Bass award: 5 lbs, 6 oz, (8/26/2006, Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League, Empire , 1000 Islands, NY)

Weight of largest day’s catch: 15 lbs, 1 oz, (2006, Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League, Empire , 1000 Islands, NY)

Qualified for regional events in 2007 Potomac River Maryland and in 2008 in Albermarie Sound, North Carolina.


Other Achievements

2009 Flw Everstart Series 1000 Islands

2010 Ct Bass federation 

 2nd place at Candlewood Lake

Eric has had success fishing many local club and team tournaments.  He is looking forward to fishing the New York bass federation 2013 season.


Michael Naventi Jr. – Fishing Instructor/Guide

Michael began working at the Berkshire Fishing club

in 2011. This Berkshire County native, elementary

teacher, and bass tournament angler has been chasing

largemouth and smallmouth bass since the age of 9.

On average, he competes in 15 regional tournaments

each year throughout bodies of waters in Connecticut,

Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont. Michael has

caught 10 largemouth bass over 7lbs and 3 over 8lbs!

This fishing instructor and guide will use his experience

and extensive knowledge the fisheries at Palmer Brook

Reservoir to get you on the fish and keep you having


Bass Tournament Statistic:

Number of events fished: over 100 since 2003

Number of Wins: 17

Number of Top 5 finishes: 43

Other Achievements

§ Qualified for the American Fishing Tour National

Championship in 2010-2-12.

§ Earned the title “Angler of the Year” in 2010 while
competing for American Bass Anglers District 97.